Teaching Assistant

Behavioral Economics

TA for the UG course taught at Columbia by Prof. Michael Woodford (full title of the course: Cognitive Mechanisms and Economic Behavior).

Fall 2018 [evaluations] and Fall 2017 [evaluations].

Advanced course that bridges traditional economic problems with behavioral and cognitive processes, including biases in judgments and efficient use of limited cognitive resources.

Market Design

TA for the UG course taught at Columbia by Prof. Guillaume Haeringer.

Spring 2019 [evaluations] and Spring 2018 [evaluations].

Advanced course with a focus on auctions and matching problems, with plenty of applications and examples relevant for the students - from eBay auctions to dorm rooms assignments.

Intermediate Microeconomics

TA for the UG course taught at the University of Pisa by Prof. Piermario Pacini.

Fall 2014

Core course for economics students, including consumer behavior, firm behavior, and introduction to game theory.

Other Teaching Related Positions

CELSS Lab Manager
[Columbia Experimental Lab for Social Sciences]

I worked as lab manager for CELSS in 2019-21 (pre and during covid pandemic), helping other researchers designing, developing, and conducting experiments.

I taught workshops to introduce experimenters to various programming languages used to design laboratory and online experiments (zTree, oTree, Qualtrics+Javascript, Matlab PTB).

Laidlaw Program
[Summer mentoring program for undergrad students]

Summer program for talented first-year Columbia students. A diverse group of students has the opportunity to discuss research with a faculty member and a graduate mentor.

I served as a Laidlaw graduate mentor in 2020 with a group of five students interested in economics and political science, with a mix of individual and group meetings on a weekly basis. Material available upon request.

Social Mobility Program
[Mentoring program for high school students]

Mentoring program promoted by the Italian Ministry for Education and coordinated by Sant'Anna University (Pisa, Italy). College students meet and support a group of students in the last two years of high school (choice of the university, admission tests, funding applications, etc.)

I served as a mentor in 2013-2015 supporting the students of two Italian high schools. Material (in Italian) available upon request and on the official website of the project.